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deFaced Fonts Special Offers & New Releases

Meet Rocky! A set of 11 new fonts, named for my black lab.

Get the details here.

Download free preview version here.

Buy the whole Rocky Font Family here:

Just $20 for 11 different fonts!

PC TrueType only so far, others coming soon.

Way Cool Font Collection Price Increase! :-(

With the official release of the Rocky Family the price for the deFaced Fonts Way Cool Font Collection will go up effective February 1, 2003 to $99.95.

The Good News is there will now be 99 fonts, up from the current 87, and even more have been updated, upgraded, fixed up, and tweaked for your fonting pleasure. So that's still less than a buck a font! Heck, with the way I'm going lately they'll be even more.

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